Starting from Lima  with private transportation.

Duration: Fullday
Private Service
Destinations: Ica
Starts/Ends in: Lima/Lima
Age range: up to 99 year olds
Travel Style: Adventure



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06:00 AM Departure from Lima heading south by the Pan-American Highway until Km 320.
10:00 AM Arrival at the aerodrome of Ica to do the respective check in and take the small planes to fly over the Nazca Lines, approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, you will have the opportunitty to see the Oasis of the Huacachina located 3 km from the city Of Ica and to appreciate the gigantic sand dunes.
13:00 After the flight we will visit an artisan wine cellar, “El Catador” and make a tasting of piscos and wines.
Lunch included in a typical restaurant.
16.00 hrs. Approx. We will return to the city of Lima

Our Program Includes:

Private transport from 2 passengers
Flight to the Nasca Lines (1 hour and 15 minutes). It includes the airport tax.
Visit to the oasis of La Huacachina.
Lunch at a tourist restaurant.
English / Spanish bilingual guide.

OPTIONAL: Buggies Tour, in the Huacachina Oasis and Sandboard (to be paid direct by the passengers) US$ 20.00

IMPORTANT: Flights are subject to availability and weather conditions

Price per person: US$ 420.00


Ica is a region of Peru located on the south-central coast of the country, facing the Pacific Ocean. Its capital is the city of Ica. Its territory is almost completely part of the Coastal Desert of Peru and conforms the call Great Tablazo of Ica. In its coastal valleys were developed advanced cultures of Old Peru. Like “Paracas” and “Nazca”. Nowadays, it stands out for its extensive agro-export production.
Ica has a warm subtropical dry desert climate, with an average temperature of around 22 ° C, although it is noticed that the winter nights are colder and can drop to 7 or 8 ° C. Summers are warmer and drier than the central coast of Peru and can reach about 40 C ° under shade, especially in the city of Ica that is located inland.
The presence of parachutes or strong winds is very common during the summer months. Among the many tourist attractions of the department, the main highlights are: The Nazca lines are famous and unique in the world. They are located to 145 km to the south of Ica the time of travel from Ica to Nazca in the airplanes is of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes including the overfly of half hour on the area of ​​the enigmatic lines. Its gigantic strokes cover extensive areas of the pampa of San Jose, between Nazca and Palpa. They are lines drawn on the desert in remote times, they rise between hills and hills without losing the straight line, in spite of the winds that run in the zone. Studied by the German mathematics Maria Reiche; Its monumental designs represent animals like the hummingbird, the monkey, the fish, the spider, etc. There are also geometric figures and a surprising spiral.



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