PERU CARAL TOURS is a tour operator from Peru, which offers and markets tours to different areas of Peru, which can be acquired separately or combined, managing your own trip, in accordance with your personal needs.

By hiring the tourist services of PERU CARAL TOURS, you agree to have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions shown below. Likewise, you guarantee that you are of legal age and have full capacity to enter into contracts and that all the information you provide to PERU CARAL TOURS is true, accurate, current and complete.

PERU CARAL TOURS is not responsible directly or indirectly for the damages or losses that in any way you or those who travel with you may suffer before, during or as a consequence of the chosen destination. PERU CARAL TOURS is not responsible for the facts arising from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, including weather phenomena, acts of nature, trade union conflicts, among others, that may occur before or during the Tourist Service, and that could eventually delay , interrupt or prevent the execution thereof.

Before confirming your purchase request by clicking on the Buy button and after accepting these General Conditions (the “Purchase Request”), we advise you to review the particular terms and conditions applicable to the Tourist Service you wish to hire. This will avoid surprises and you can enjoy your trip as planned.

The sole use of the Platform implies the acceptance of each and every one of the general and particular conditions included in these terms and conditions. Reading it will allow you to better use your rights as a consumer. We suggest that you print and keep them, along with the rest of the travel documentation. Remember to take note of the Purchase Request number that will appear on the screen when you confirm your request. This number identifies your transaction and will be essential to carry out any management through PERU CARAL TOURS.


When you make a Purchase Request to PERU CARAL TOURS, you authorize us to manage your reservation and to carry out the respective charge (s) to your account or card. Pay close attention to our subsequent telephone or electronic communications, where we will inform you about the progress and status of your Purchase Request. The good term of the management of the reservation and / or the confirmation of the purchase, depend on the full and timely payment of the price and / or rate of all the Tourist Services. While the total payment of the reservation is not confirmed, the Purchase Request will be suspended and could be canceled unilaterally by us, without responsibility for the latter. The definitive confirmation of the Tourist Services and respective prices will occur with the sending of the voucher. In addition, credit operations must meet the requirements set by their issuing bank. The issuance of the voucher attests to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Supplier and the conclusion of the contract signed between the Supplier and the person whose name appears in said voucher.


If the Purchase Request is subject to confirmation -circumstance that will be informed in the first email you receive- the values ​​paid before confirmation will be received under reservation. If, finally your Purchase Request was rejected for any reason (for example, due to insufficient credit card balance, lack of availability, variation in the rate, etc.), PERU CARAL TOURS will proceed to inform you of the options available for the case in which you wish to insist on the purchase or reservation or, at your request, will refund the amounts paid.

If after receiving your Purchase Request you do not receive an email with the purchase information, check the Spam folder.

WHAT PERSONAL DATA DO I HAVE TO ENTER? You must enter all the fields with exact, complete, current and true data to be able to make valid reservations of Tourist Services through PERU CARAL TOURS. By entering your personal data, you declare that such data (the “Personal Data”) is accurate, accurate and true, and assumes the commitment to update such Personal Data as necessary. PERU CARAL TOURS, is not responsible for the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by you. You guarantee and respond for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data entered. Remember that all your data must coincide exactly with the Travel Documentation

WHAT CONTACT DATA ARE NEEDED ?: You must enter an email address in the section “Contact Information”. That email is our way of contacting you. Check that the email provided as a point of contact is correct and keep an eye on the information that will be sent to that email. You will be deemed to have taken timely notice of the confirmation of your Purchase Request or of any inconvenience or variation to it by sending such information to the email address provided by You. Keep in mind that if the email entered by you contains any error you will not receive fundamental communications for the management of your Purchase Request.

WHAT DOCUMENTATION WILL I NEED TO STOP TRAVELING? You have the duty to inform yourself responsibly about the legal and / or migratory documentation and / or sanitary requirements that you or the people traveling with you may need in order to carry out your trip as planned ( the “Travel Documentation”). Check in advance the conditions of entry to the country of destination and / or transit, special conditions of visas and / or passports, driver’s licenses, vaccines, permission for minors or other document requirements, both for the countries of destination, and countries in transit, even when it is not necessary to leave the airport. Remember that it is your responsibility to comply with all the requirements and / or documentation of entry and / or transit required by the immigration, customs and / or health authorities of the destination country and / or transit. We advise that before booking and leaving, check all the necessary requirements with the corresponding Embassy or Consulate. For more information visit: Check in advance the expiration date of the documentation and take into account that, in some countries, it is required that the expiration date is not earlier than six months upon arrival in the foreign territory.

In the case of traveling with children under 18 years of age, in addition to the authorized travel document (National Identification Document or Passport), they need authorization according to different considerations: (i) If the child travels with both parents, it will be sufficient for them to prove the link through Civil Birth Registration, Birth Certificate or Birth Certificate (regardless of the date of its issuance) or Identification Document of the minor, where the data of the parents are recorded, (ii) If it does so with only one of its parents to international destinations, in addition to demonstrating the parental relationship with any of the cited documents, must accompany the travel authorization issued by the absent father, before the Family Court or Notarial permission (if granted in the country), or consular authorization legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if granted abroad), and (iii) if you are the child of minors, you will need the authorization of the parents and l permission from one of your grandparents.

WHAT WILL I HAVE TO PAY? HOW DOES THE MEANS OF PAYMENT WORK: When you book one or more Tourist Services through PERU CARAL TOURS, you must pay the price or rate set by the Supplier, informed in the Platform prior to entering your Purchase Request.

WHAT IF I PAY WITH CREDIT CARD? Please note that when you inform PERU CARAL TOURS of your account or credit card information (using the form available on the Platform), and then accept or confirm the transaction, you are authorizing us to make the corresponding charges.

ONCE CONFIRMED A PURCHASE REQUEST CAN I CHANGE IT OR CANCEL IT? IF I DO, DO I HAVE ASSOCIATED COSTS? If you request a change or cancellation within 15 working days to perform the tourist service, a No Show equivalent to 100% will be applied. You can apply for a change in the date of the tourist service.

Likewise, in the event that you request the change or cancellation of a Tourist Service, PERU CARAL TOURS may charge an additional Management Fee.

WHAT IF I DO NOT PRESENT TO USE A RESERVATION? If you do not show up to use your reservation on the date and times indicated (or arrive late) you set what in the tourism market is known as No Show and You will not have the right to demand the total or partial refund of the amount paid. If you are not going to use your reservation in whole or in part or if you are going to arrive late to use your reservation, we recommend you to inform PERU CARAL TOURS in advance to know the applicable restrictions.


In the case of wanting to make a claim, suggestion or query, it is recommended to make a detailed description of the facts immediately attaching the copy of the background information, explaining what happened and formulating in clear and simple terms the solution you want. In this way we can review your case more quickly and efficiently. PERU CARAL TOURS will analyze the claim, and will respond to the same email informed by you as soon as possible. If the review of the background is appropriate to accept all or part of the claim, PERU CARAL TOURS will let you know and will send you by mail the corresponding agreement. The foregoing, without prejudice to the fact that PERU CARAL TOURS could offer you an alternative solution, different from the requests made by you.